Super Smash Flash 3

Super Smash Flash 3 is a unique fighting flash game where you will meet all your favorite characters and heroes. For example, you can play with Pikachu – a famous character from the Pokemon anime, or you can play using Sonic from the popular show. The variety of characters is really big , there are more than 26 characters in the game, but some of them can be unlocked when you progress in the game. Another interesting thing about this characters is that all of them have different characters, some of them can jump higher, some of them can fly, some of them can use weapon to kill enemies. That’s why the Super Smash Flash games are very popular nowadays.

Super Smash Flash 3 also feature several game modes that every gamer will love. The traditional me vs computer mode, story mode, and of course, multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode you can fight with your friends, this is awesome. Some people even manage to connect joysticks and play this game like any other video game. Hope you will also enjoy it and have great time at